Friday, October 15, 2010


Almost finished my texture drawing for, of course, drawing class.
The basis of the idea was to draw a tree, but leave the leaves as negative spaces and colour in the background (the gaps where we could see sky) with different textures.
An interesting project. Though my OCD need for super well rendered detail came back to bite me in the ass. I've spent hours on this thing...

So, my work so far. Corn, leopard print, a metal flower on a bracelet, and in the top corner there, some paper stars. You know, the fold-y kind.

My work space. A messy pile. Three cheers for messy piles! Wooo... Note the picture of the adorable maiko, Fukusato. I have pictures of my trip to Japan scattered everywhere.

And the aforementioned paper stars. I have a big jar of over 2000. Never try to realistically draw these. It is a huge pain.

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