Saturday, January 15, 2011

A New List of Assignments

Back to school means a new list of work to do. Joyous joy. Taking five courses this semester, not just four. So the workload's going to be a little more hectic. And two of those courses will involve more essay writing. Not my strong point.

Photography, Narrative Strategies
- Take a photo-booth photo
- Must contain a visible narrative

Painting, Nature and Culture
- Series of three landscapes
- One naturalistic, one abstract, and one in between
- each canvas needs to be approx. 2x2 feet. (That's 12 square feet. That's a lot of paint.)

Form and Structure
- Find a common object
- Produce a series of sketches and a narrative
- Re-build object in cardboard/paper

Essay and the Argument
- Find a photo from NYTimes year in review
- Write 500 word descriptive essay
- Whatever photo will be your main subject for the remainder of the year

I have a few ideas for things already. We'll see how they pan out. My landscapes, I think, are planned out well enough. Just need to print out a few reference photos of trees and flowers. Finish colouring a few thumbnail sketches. Might post those later.

Also have a few thoughts on this Form and Structure object. It's between my Buddha statue or my Eiffel Tower model. ... So far.

As for this photo-booth thing, I'm stumped. Hopefully I can come up with an idea fast, because I don't have much time to get this thing finished and edited.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Still around...

Yes, I'm still here. Without school and with working a heck of a lot thanks to Christmas, (Christmas + retail = pure evil) I've hardly had any time to do art, let alone post. That and my card reader broke, and despite hinting to people that I needed one for Christmas, I had to wait till I was back from up north to buy one. So I can finally upload some pictures. Woo...

Also recently bought a new, handheld video camera. Just one of the little Flip ones. I put my photo of maiko Fukusato on it. So hopefully it'll turn out well.

Anyways, in light of not posting anything for a good month, have some life drawing photos!

Back to school on monday, so I'm sure there will be some new stuff to post soon.