Friday, October 22, 2010

City Scape Rainbow

Finally finished Colour Exploration project number two. Where we had to take the colour scheme of one thing and apply it to something else. I pretty much looked to those cheap and tackily coloured plastic children's toys you can buy in the dollar store and applied that to a collage of my photos of buildings and architecture from New York, Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Verona. Creating a jumble of a city in a rainbow of colours that looks bright and cheery and child friendly. Which is usually not how cities are portrayed in art. (Dark and dingy and grimy, with lots of greys and monochromatic colours.)

I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I wasn't sure it would look the way I wanted it to while I was working on it, but I'm much happier than I thought. Now it's on to the printers to get it printed on some fabric so it can be made into a canvas. Woo.

As well, Frittata has been graded, and, like the last Time Based Media piece, received a B-. So I'm still content. However, drawing has given me my first C-. Average for the school, yes, but not anywhere near acceptable for me. Maybe I'm not used to getting Cs in art. And I get that there are people here better than me and marking needs to be done on a bell curve, but I can't get a grade like that again. Now I feel like I need to get something in the As to average it out. Fingers crossed and hopefully we'll see something a little better than a C-. Ugh.

Oh, and another 72% to add to the mix. On the first essay I had written in three and a half years. Go me. I've never been good with essays.

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