Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It seems like I'll be sticking somewhere in the 70s while at school. I've received marks from 70 - 75% so far. Nothing above. Nothing below. A little strange, but consistency is nice I suppose. Though something in the 80s or, God willing, the 90s would make me a little happier.

I'm told it's because teachers want to push us to create bigger and better things. So, what am I doing? Creating a giant photo collage of a chaotic and tackily coloured city scape. It'll be 36x36. Which may not sound overly huge, but is quite big for me, as I like and tend to work small.

That is what I am currently working on. I've chosen all my photographs of buildings from around the world. (Mostly NYC, Paris, Tokyo, and Florence. And a few other places as well.) And now I am photoshopping each and everyone to look different; different colour schemes and whatnot. All highly saturated and very bright. Planning to get this printed on fabric which I will stretch over a canvas. Hopefully it'll turn out alright. We'll see...

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