Monday, October 18, 2010

Just some random notes...

Something random here. Out of boredom and procrastination. And out of feeling the need to post something today.

Anyone with long commutes to school (or work) taking a subway or bus knows how long and boring it really can be. So people pack books to read, sketchbooks, notebooks, iPods, iTouches, ect. I personally go with the iTouch/book method. Though I'm always paranoid watching movies and TV shows on my iTouch is going to kill its battery. But I've found a new, super addicting, and free app. Something I'm sure a million people have found before me, but whatever. Pocket Frog. Sound lame? Yeah, maybe. It's like an amphibious version of Pokemon. You collect frogs. There's something like 10,000 possible species you can get. And you can sell them to make money to get bigger habitats and whatnot. I can't stop playing this thing. It's horrible.
So maybe you shouldn't download it. Unless you have lots of free time on your hands. Because I even found myself playing it at work. Oops.

Secondly, Moleskine notebooks. They're beautiful and awesome and have the best paper ever. You can get them for all sorts of things, different kinds of paper; storyboard, watercolour, lined, gridded, sketching..., different sizes, and they eat the money out of your wallet. Moleskine notebooks are amazing, but crazy expensive. So when I was in Dollarama the other day, and saw notebooks that looked almost exactly like Moleskine? 2$ each? I grabbed a handful. Sure, it's not the same quality, and the paper is a little thin, and the only options they come in are a black or brown cover, I still think they're great. Especially if all you're really doing is sketching and making notes. I love deals. And I don't look for them often enough. I need to work on my spending habits...

Also, memorizing dates sucks. (Curse you, Art History...)

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