Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chroma Chronicles

Haven't updated in a while. Been incredibly busy with assignments. I'm practically drowning in them. But I at least finished the final assignment of my Colour Exploration class. Wooo.
The idea was basically to use multiple media (which I did, with ink, pencil crayon, paint, mylar, graphite, marker, and collage) and at least two different narratives in one piece.

So I ruined a first edition, 1950's copy of a British book. I drew, painted, and glued in a number of different parades making their way through the pages. I didn't get it quite finished, but I did do a few dozen pages. Which, if you're drawing something new that many times, it takes longer than you'd think. I'm pretty happy with it.

First page, and the beginning of the parade.

A fashion runway, featuring the designs of the amazing Alexander McQueen

Chinese New Year

Funeral procession

Photos from a Korean parade I stumbled across in New York by accident.

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