Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rococo and Notebook Doodles

So we had a mini assignment for Colour Exploration. We had to look at "bad" art. Of course I looked at kitschy art. Because it's awesome. Just a simple 8x10 sized drawing or painting to hand in. Nothing huge like my ridiculous drawing assignments.
One of my favourite things to draw is Rococo era costume and hair, so of course I stuck with that, making up some crazy powdered wig and lots of pink, with some frills, pearls, ribbon, and flowers thrown in. (All in pink of course.) I used copic markers for this one. Hadn't used them in a while. Because nothing I do for school lets you use markers. Which is quite sad really. They're such awesome things to work with.

Here she is, the stuck up Rococo aristocrat. I'm actually super thrilled with how the hair came out. ... I'm sure the teacher will give me a 1.374 out of 2 or something. He tends to give the most random grades.

Also, out of boredom, I thought I'd post some notebook/sketchbook doodles. When you have a 2 hour lecture followed by 3 hours of waiting around for your tutorial to start, it's hard not to doodle.

African/Pacific Art History notes. Complete with teen!Kenny and teen!Craig from South Park. (Been watching too much of that lately... Mysterion!)

Stylized Shiina Ringo, a super talented pop singer. Two costumes from her Expo DVD, which was amazing. And some more Art History notes.

And from drawing, an attempt at the maiko sakkou hairstyle, from memory. So it's probably very incorrect. I tried. It was more fun to draw than blocks. (I swear, our drawing teacher thinks we're incompetent.)

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