Friday, December 3, 2010

What's to come...

Been so incredibly busy lately, I feel like I'm forgetting to update. I'm trying, really I am. Unfortunately working retail in December, despite school almost being over, will now eat up all of my free time. (I am always shocked at the money people will spend on cameras. It's ridiculous.)

But at least I can officially say: NO MORE POSTER SIZE DRAWINGS! Whoopee. I finished the last one last Friday. Handed it in today. I've got my fingers crossed for something better than a B, but who even knows anymore.

Had my portfolio interview Wednesday night. Had to wait around an extra two hours for it to start because a certain someone has horrible sense of time. (Brutal.) But I think I did well? I don't even know. My drawing marks are so randomly inconsistent. Everything from C- to A. But I suppose I'll be happy with anything above C- and not complain.

I have to take some photos of my final project to send in to my teacher, so hopefully those will be posted here, as well as some life drawings perhaps? We'll see what I get around to.

I'm almost happy that all I have left to worry about is my History Exam. Worth 30%, but if I manage another decent mark, I won't complain. At least we get to look at my three favourite art movements; Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Romanticism.

I just need to make some flash cards and I'm all set. I love working at a printing store.


Also adding, since she has checked out this little blog, that I absolutely loved Time Based Media and am very sad that it is over. It is not a course I initially looked forward to. I know nothing about circuits or video. And only just enough about blogging and websites. But I learned so much in such a short time and it was awesome to have such an enthusiastic teacher. A great class that will be much missed come next semester. Thanks, Janis. =]

(That was a super long post...)

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